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Name: ________________ Class: _____ Date: _________ REVISION I. PRONUNCIATION a. calledb. visitedc. caredd. lived a. habitb. thatc. whatd. hat a. sendb. mendc. replyd. spend a. helpedb. washedc. loved,xem chi tiết và tải về Đề thi REVISION, Đề Thi Tiếng Anh 8 , Đề thi REVISION, doc, 1 trang, 0.12 M, Tiếng Anh 8 chia sẽ bởi Tuyền Trần Quang Loan đã có 1 download


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Name: ________________
Class: _____ Date: _________
a. called b. visited c. cared d. lived
a. habit b. that c. what d. hat
a. send b. mend c. reply d. spend
a. helped b. washed c. loved d. liked
a. lived b. worked c. appeared d. owned
a. cruel b. lunar c. unit d. full
a. worked b. cleaned c. watched d. stopped
a. proud b. should c. sound d. count
a. asked b. a
ived c. enjoyed d. used
a. fill b. kill c. like d. will
a. child b. children c. high d. revise
a. habit b. nature c. natural d. naturally
a. painted b. intended c. helped d. needed
a. wisdom b. tie c. excited d. wife
a. served b. noticed c. filled d. grazed
a. behavior b. rag c. academic d. satisfactory
a. equipment b. upset c. enroll d. product
a. cooperation b. interest c. comment d. parcel
a. airmail b. selection c. surface d. advertise
a. coeducation b. tradition c. pollution d. revision
a. academic b. festival c. cruel d. comment
a. participation b. pronunciation c. memory d. cooperation
a. upset b. wisdom c. habit d. meaning
a. tradition b. drawing c. enroll d. escape
a. behavior b. habit c. highlight d. meaning
a. recycle b. resources c. enroll d. citizenship
a. Christmas b. April c. Autumn d. ago
a. invention b. biology c. history d. revision
a. invite b. apply c. magic d. excited
a. escape b. wisdom c. meaning d. underline
a. meaning b. memory c. magically d. improve
a. underline b. traditional c. festival d. cruel
People in my country are very warm and __________. (friend)
An __________ is a home for children whose parents are dead. (orphan)
L.A. Hill is a ___________ writer. (humor)
I’m __________ so
y for the delay. (extreme)
She looks more ___________ than her sister. (beauty)
They were very ___________ to survive an earthquake. (luck)
I love the ___________ of summer evenings in the countryside. (peaceful)
Those cats look ___________. (love)
Bao is very ___________, kind and generous. (social)
Each of my friends has a __________ character. (differ)
I’ll make an ___________ for the meeting tonight. (a
There was still no ____________ on what to do next. (agree)
Ho Chi Minh City is an important ___________ center. (commerce)
Michael Faraday made a lot of ________ in the field of electricity. (invent)
We’re thinking of ___________ to Australia. (emigrant)
There was an __________ of paintings at the art gallery. (exhibit)
Your order is ready for __________. (deliver)
This old man is ___________ in one ear. (deafen)
Thomas Watson was Bell’s ____________. (assist)
He was __________ in demonstrating his invention. (success)
She’s always wo
ied about the __________ of her family. (safe)
Don’t leave the light on. It wastes __________. (electric)
Most teenagers like taking part in __________ service. (communal)
This river is very ___________ for swimmers. (danger)
The ___________ of atom bomb is very te
ible. ( destroy)
Hard work always
ings ___________. (succeed)
Those clothes are ____________ for cold weather. (suit)
You must put chemicals in ___________ cupboards. (lock)
When the ____________ failed, he struck the match to find the candles. (electricity)
Our life is much better with the help of modern __________. (equip)
All the dancers wore ____________ costumes. (tradition)
My uncle is an ____________ engineer. (electrify)

Name: ________________

Class: _____ Date: _________    



  1. a. called  b. visited c. cared  d. lived
  2. a. habit  b. that  c. what  d. hat
  3. a. send  b. mend  c. reply  d. spend
  4. a. helped  b. washed c. loved  d. liked
  5. a. lived  b. worked c. appeared d. owned
  6. a. cruel  b. lunar  c. unit  d. full
  7. a. worked  b. cleaned c. watched d. stopped
  8. a. proud  b. should c. sound d. count
  9. a. asked  b. arrived c. enjoyed d. used
  10. a. fill  b. kill  c. like  d. will
  11. a. child  b. children c. high  d. revise
  12. a. habit  b. nature c. natural d. naturally
  13. a. painted  b. intended c. helped d. needed
  14. a. wisdom  b. tie  c. excited d. wife
  15. a. served  b. noticed c. filled  d. grazed
  16. a. behavior  b. rag  c. academic d. satisfactory


  1. a. equipment b. upset  c. enroll  d. product
  2. a. cooperation b. interest c. comment d. parcel
  3. a. airmail  b. selection c. surface d. advertise
  4. a. coeducation b. tradition c. pollution d. revision
  5. a. academic  b. festival c. cruel  d. comment
  6. a. participation b. pronunciation c. memory d. cooperation
  7. a. upset  b. wisdom c. habit  d. meaning
  8. a. tradition  b. drawing c. enroll  d. escape
  9. a. behavior  b. habit   c. highlight d. meaning
  10. a. recycle  b. resources c. enroll  d. citizenship
  11. a. Christmas b. April  c. Autumn d. ago
  12. a. invention  b. biology c. history d. revision
  13. a. invite  b. apply  c. magic d. excited
  14. a. escape  b. wisdom c. meaning d. underline
  15. a. meaning  b. memory c. magically d. improve
  16. a. underline  b. traditional c. festival d. cruel 


  1. People in my country are very warm and __________. (friend)
  2. An __________ is a home for children whose parents are dead. (orphan)
  3. L.A. Hill is a ___________ writer. (humor)
  4. I’m __________ sorry for the delay. (extreme)
  5. She looks more ___________ than her sister. (beauty)
  6. They were very ___________ to survive an earthquake. (luck)
  7. I love the ___________ of summer evenings in the countryside. (peaceful)
  8. Those cats look ___________. (love)
  9. Bao is very ___________, kind and generous. (social)
  10. Each of my friends has a __________ character. (differ)
  11. I’ll make an ___________ for the meeting tonight. (arrange)
  12. There was still no ____________ on what to do next. (agree)
  13. Ho Chi Minh City is an important ___________ center. (commerce)
  14. Michael Faraday made a lot of ________ in the field of electricity. (invent)
  15. We’re thinking of ___________ to Australia. (emigrant)
  16. There was an __________ of paintings at the art gallery. (exhibit)
  17. Your order is ready for __________. (deliver)
  18. This old man is ___________ in one ear. (deafen)
  19. Thomas Watson was Bell’s ____________. (assist)
  20. He was __________ in demonstrating his invention. (success)
  21. She’s always worried about the __________ of her family. (safe)
  22. Don’t leave the light on. It wastes __________. (electric)
  23. Most teenagers like taking part in __________ service. (communal)
  24. This river is very ___________ for swimmers. (danger)
  25. The ___________ of atom bomb is very terrible. ( destroy)
  26. Hard work always brings ___________. (succeed)
  27. Those clothes are ____________ for cold weather. (suit)
  28. You must put chemicals in ___________ cupboards. (lock)
  29. When the ____________ failed, he struck the match to find the candles. (electricity)
  30. Our life is much better with the help of modern __________. (equip)
  31. All the dancers wore ____________ costumes. (tradition)
  32. My uncle is an ____________ engineer. (electrify)
  33. ___________, I lost my keys on the way home. (fortunate)
  34. She was ___________ to believe him. (fool)
  35. A fairy _________ changed Little Pea’s rags into beautiful clothes. (magic)
  36. Every one was very ___________ after hearing that news. (excite)
  37. Her father soon died of a ___________ heart. (break)
  38. You made a wise _________ when you chose to study Spanish. (decide)
  39. They formed a close ___________ at school. (friend)
  40. ___________ students do their exercises __________. (care)
  41. The pollution from the factory is a public __________. (danger)
  42. It’s always ___________ to write down important points. (wisdom)
  43. Every student was very ___________ about the holiday. (excite)


  1. He is enough strong to carry the heavy luggage.

                           a                b                c         d

  1. I’d like buying a new dictionary but I don’t have enough money

                      a                    b                         c              d

  1. I recently visited the school where I used to studying five years ago.

                    a                                 b                         c                     d

  1. My brother are going to study in New York next month.

a                        b            c                                  d

  1. We used to see a movie called King Kong last summer.

                      a              b          c                                  d

  1. Why you call me so late last night?

              a       b                c         d

  1. What do you use to do when you felt afraid?

                 a           b               c             d

  1. If you don’t feel well, you ought to not go to school today.

a               b         c                        d

  1. Rick left class early because he used to have a headache.

                a               b          c                d

  1. Did she leave a message after she went?

            a          b                         c             d

  1. I can stay in bed tomorrow morning because I haven’t to go to work.

                           a                                         b              c                  d

  1. The students ought to learn their lesson careful before the exams.

     a                  b         c                      d

  1. Don’t worry so much. The children can look after themself.

   a                   b                                           c            d

  1. You must not let children to play in the kitchen because it is a dangerous place.    a                              b                                 c                       d
  2. Let’s putting the armchair opposite the couch in the living room.

a           b                                c                           d

  1. It takes me two hours to do all the household chore every day.

             a                              b                       c          d

  1. Please put the doll on the shelf, among the flower vase and the lamp.

                    a                b                      c                                 d

  1. You don’t have to drive faster than 65 mph or you might get a ticket.

                        a             b                c                               d

  1. Why do we have to put all dangerous objects out of children’s reach?

                        a                                      b                 c                d

  1. Do you like working with other people or do you prefer working yourself?

                                   a                               b                               c          d

  1. I strongly believe that friends plays an important role in our life.

              a            b         c        d

  1. Children nowadays spend more time to play video games than reading books.   a      b           c         d
  2. This software isn’t good enough for children use.

a                                       b          c                 d

  1. Hoa is very happy when she received a letter from her friend this morning.

              a              b                           c                     d

  1. We are very close friends although we have quite different character.

                           a                          b                                   c            d

  1. Ba loves to play soccer, but he doesn’t like washing up.

a                  b                                 c                  d

  1. They stay at the Royal hotel last summer 

           a     b    c                                   d

  1. The magazine is not as larger as the newspaper. 

                 a            b                c                   d

  1. Nga speaks English very good 

          a       b                     c      d

  1. If you try to learn ten words in two days, you can doing so in two ways.

a                    b                                                          c         d

  1. What do you do to improve you English? 

           a    b                      c          d

  1. You have to making sure children do not play with matches. 

                 a             b                                c              d

  1. Who help you with your homework?  

           a     b             c    d

  1. The Prince found Little Pea’s shoe and decided marry her. 

a                                   b                             c           d

  1. Tim receives his first semester report yesterday. 

                     a       b                c          d

  1. Every learner tries to learn all new word they come across 

                      a                  b                     c                          d

  1. Her grandmother used to living on the farm. 

 a                               b        c     d

  1. Did you succeed in solve the boy’s problem. 

a                 b             c            d

  1. Mr. Clark have worked in the bank for twenty years. 

                                a          b                 c           d

  1. The doctor said he will take a few days off. 

                                       a     b      c               d

  1. When I was a child, I used to going swimming with friends. 

           a         b                                 c                        d

  1. Please wait to me a few minutes. 

                     a    b          c         d

  1. She told me giving you this dictionary. 

                a            b              c          d

  1. He does morning exercise regularly so that improve his health 

               a                                       b          c                     d

  1. My grandmother can read good without glasses. 

a                            b              c        d

  1. Ba loves playing soccer, and he doesn’t love reading books. 

                          a                     b            c                    d

  1. We didn’t eat in that restaurant since last year. 

                   a        b   c                                    d

  1. She asked me help Tim with his Spanish pronunciation. 

                          a      b            c    d

  1. He always gets excellent grades. That’s because he studies hardly.

                          a          b                                     c                           d

  1. I have lived here for last week 

                a           b    c         d

  1. Did you used to go to the movies when you were young? 

  a              b       c                                           d

  1. I love to play soccer. 

a  b        c         d

  1. Mai’s sister speaks English fluent. 

          a                    b         c         d

  1. My teacher asked us write new words on pieces of paper. 

               a                    b     c                                      d

  1. The bag on the left is the same with the one on the right. 

           a                                    b        c            d

V. Rewrite these sentences, using “enough”

  1. The weather is fine. We can go fishing.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. He was old. He kept quiet.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. He spoke slowly. We could understand him.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. Alice is brave. She can stay at home alone.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. It’s very early. We can go to the movies.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. I was free. I could help them with their work.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. It’s very nice. We should have a walk around the lake

→ ______________________________________________

  1. Her picture is beautiful. She can show it to the classmates.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The film was very boring. We went to bed early.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The soup is very excellent. We will have some.

→ ______________________________________________

VI. Rewrite these sentences, using “enough”

  1. The weather is too bad for us to have a walk.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The boy is too weak to do that work.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. He ran too slowly to catch the first train.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The girl is too young to go to the super market alone.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The soup is too bad for them to eat.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The air is too dirty for us to breathe.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The boy is too short to hang the pictures on the wall.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. I am too weak to lift the heavy box up.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The film is too boring to broadcast again.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The children got up too late to go there on time.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. The exercise is too difficult for the students to do.

→ ______________________________________________

  1. He works too slowly to finish it on time.

→ ______________________________________________



V. Word form:


  1.   All the dances wore ________________________ costumes. (tradition)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. They encourage all members to participate in a ______ program.( recycle)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. We will interview only three ________________ for the job. (apply)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. A fairy ________ changed Little Pea’s rag into beautiful clothes. (magical)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. Every one was very _____________ after hearing that news (excite)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. He was ____________ of his achievements in the field of politics. (proud)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. It is an _________________ story. (interest)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. We need your ________________. (cooperation)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. Na thinks the pancakes are _______________ (taste)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. The stores in the mall will offer a wide ___________ of products. (select)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. I’m very sorry. I know I behaved _________________. (bad)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. His mother is ________________ of him. (pride)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. Let me get an ________________ form and we can fill it out. (apply)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. The ___________ between two groups has brought success. (cooperate)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. She sings very _______________. (beautiful)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. They are ___________________ businessmen. (success)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. Please return the _________________ after filling it out. (apply)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. They lives ______________ with their parents in that house. (convenient)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. Are you _________________ in learning English? (interest)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. We should save ________________ resources. ( nature)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. She speaks English _______________ (good)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. They had an _________________ day. (enjoy)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. The movie on TV last night was ________________. (interest)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. The shoes were nice and __________________. (comfort)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.

  1. It will be more __________________ to shop in the mall than in the present shopping area. (comfort)

V.  N.  Adj.  Adv.



  1. We are always proud ___________ your success.
  2. His breakfast consists ___________ dry bread and a cup of tea.
  3. Our holiday depends __________ the weather.
  4. In the 18th century, jean cloth was made completely __________ cotton.
  5. Vietnamese women today often wear modern clothing __________ work.
  6. His opinion differs __________ mine.
  7. I agree __________ you completely.
  8. The house is crowded __________ people.
  9. Please take care __________ every thing.
  10. If you don’t know what a word means you can always look it ___________ in a dictionary.
  11. My mother was in the hospital. I was looking __________ her.
  12. I’ve just lost my keys. I was looking ___________ them.
  13. My sister is fond ___________ cooking.
  14. They are afraid ___________ snakes.
  15. They are good ___________ English.
  16. Fruit is good ___________ your health.
  17. The book is divided __________ three parts.
  18. He isn’t successful __________ his job.
  19. He is full __________ hope.
  20. The house belongs ___________ my uncle.
  21. He arrived __________ Ha Noi __________ three o’clock.
  22. My father arrived __________ the party ___________ nine o’clock.
  23. He has friends all __________ the world.
  24. He has friends __________ the world.
  25. We are really excited ____________ the wedding.
  26. It was very kind ___________ you to help me.
  27. He is kind __________ us.
  28. You should clear ___________ all the trash on the ground before leaving.
  29. I usually listen ____________ the news ___________ the radio.
  30. He is late __________ school / work.
  31. We all went __________ a walk ___________ the park.
  32. We are looking forward ____________ my uncle’s visit.
  33. Let me congratulate you __________ you winning.
  34. It’s nice __________ you to say so (nice = kind)
  35. Everyone is aware __________ pollution.
  36. The match was delayed because __________ the bad weather.
  37. I have been absent ___________ school very often lately.
  38. She is afraid ___________ crossing the busy street.
  39. We watched that film ___________ TV last night.
  40. I can’t read __________ glasses.
  41. Herry couldn’t take part ___________ the meeting.
  42. Bill is bored ____________ doing the same job for too long.



  1. Columbus __________ America for more than 400 years ago. (discover)
  2. We __________ our dinner half an hour ago. (finish)
  3. The sun __________ when we went out. (shine)
  4. I _______________ them for more than a week. (not / see)
  5. He _______________ dinner when I came into his room. (have)
  6. Our friends _______________ a good time at the party last night. (have)
  7. Why don’t you keep _________ notebooks for the poor students? (collect)
  8. He __________ turkey since he was in Moscow. (not / eat)
  9. My sister ___________ a librarian for eight years now.
  10. I enjoy ___________ with Mrs. Smith. (study)
  11. Smith and John kept __________ to each other. (talk)
  12. Practice makes us __________ our lesson more clearly. (understand)
  13. They are bored with __________ the same thing every day. (do)
  14. She ___________ a new hat when I met her yesterday. (wear)
  15. I’m thinking of __________ a new camera. (buy)
  16. We used to __________ our house with candles. (light)
  17. I wish my uncle __________ here now to give me some advice.(be)
  18. Look! A man _______________ after the train. (run)
  19. Be quiet! The baby _______________. (sleep)
  20. The students _______________ up that new word now. (look)
  21. She ________________ to the theater by the Greens. (often / take)
  22. My car _______________ yesterday. (repair)
  23. __________ your house ___________ next year? (build)
  24. Can this car _________________ ? (repair)
  25. She ______________ me to her party last night. (invite)
  26. When I ________________ down the road, I saw Henry.(walk)
  27. At first I enjoyed _______________ to him. (listen)
  28. Are you fond of ______________ novels? (read)
  29. He used to _______________ up early. (get)
  30. He ________________ the city next year. (visit)
  31. I wish he __________ here now. (be)
  32. Sad movies made her ____________. (cry)
  33. They used to __________ swimming in the afternoon. (go)
  34. He wishes he __________ a doctor. (be)
  35. Is Lan used to __________ to Maryam? (write)
  36. I wish they __________ here tomorrow. (be)
  37. He used to __________ to the cinema on the weekends. (go)
  38. He __________ soundly when the rain started. (sleep)
  39. He __________ to London last week. (go)
  40. Have they finished __________ their books? (read)
  41. Dick gave up __________ football many years ago. (play)
  42. His parents wanted him __________ the exam. (pass)
  43. I don’t enjoy __________ to the dentist. (go)
  44. Mr. Pike __________ that house in 1990. (buy)
  45. They kept __________ about their exciting experience. (talk)
  46. We are interested in __________ movies on TV. (watch)
  47. Tom __________ to his friend a letter next week. (write)
  48. Would you mind __________ this chair? (move)
  49. He said he __________ a friend at the station that day. (meet)
  50. The teacher asked me __________ a passage into English. (translate)





  1. It is three months since I met him.

I haven’t __________________________________________________

  1. It has been two years since I wrote to her.

I haven’t __________________________________________________

  1. The last time it rained was a week ago.

It hasn’t ___________________________________________________

  1. I began studying French four years ago.

I have ____________________________________________________

  1. The last time Mr. John drank wine was in 2001.

Mr. John hasn’t _____________________________________________

  1. She started living in Ho Chi Minh City five months ago.

She has ___________________________________________________

  1. When did it rain here?

How long ________________________________________________?

  1. It is four days since she listened to music.

She hasn’t _________________________________________________

  1. When did you come here?

How long _________________________________________________?

  1. When did you first know that teacher?

How long _________________________________________________?

  1. Bill often worked very hard.

Bill used to _______________________________________________

  1. They often made their own bread.

They used ________________________________________________

  1. People usually travel on foot.

People used _______________________________________________

  1. My father didn’t smoke any more.

My father used _____________________________________________

  1. It usually took me several days to go to London.

It used ____________________________________________________

  1. People usually cook on wood fires.

People used _______________________________________________

  1. Books were usually written by hand.

Books used ________________________________________________

  1. My teacher doesn’t teach in this school any more.

My teacher used ____________________________________________

  1. Women don’t spend a lot of time to do the housework any more.

Women used _______________________________________________

  1. Sailors were usually guided by stars.

Sailors used _______________________________________________


  1. Television _________________ in 1950’s. (invent)
  2. My sister spent hours _______________ her new dress. (make)
  3. We can communicate with our friends and relatives by _____________ the Internet. (use)
  4. I ______________ Tim since we left school. (not / meet)
  5. We are looking forward to _______________ responses from your company. (receive)
  6. My brother and I used _____________ to the amusement park when we were young.(take)
  7. If you keep stopping _______ the telephone, you won’t get any work done.(answer)
  8. _______ your father _______ the bike for you? (already / fix)
  9. It’s a long time since I ____________ primary school. (leave)
  10. Nothing _____________ to you if you don’t study hard. (give)
  11. Knives are used to ____________ grass. (cut)
  12. When I saw him yesterday, he ____________ after a taxi. (run)
  13. Forgive me for ____________ you, but I’d like to ask you some things. (interrupt)
  14. They ____________ each other since 1999. (not / meet)
  15. Up to the present, we ____________every exercise in this books. (do)
  16. He ____________ in Paris for 10 years, but now he is living in Rome. (live)
  17. They ____________ the money before they leave tomorrow. (send)
  18. I think school students shouldn’t __________ casual clothes when they go to school. (wear)
  19. You’re tired as you stayed up late _____________ TV last night. (watch)
  20. In the 1950s, two people _____________ make jeans popular with teenagers: Elvis Presley and James Dean. (help)
  21. T-shirt _______________ out of fashion since it became a favorite. (never / be)
  22. When I was in New York, I saw a lot of people ______________ jeans. (wear)
  23. Her father stopped ____________ a newspaper. (buy)
  24. I made my son ____________ the floor before he could go outside to play with his friends. (clean)
  25. What do you feel like ____________ when you have free time? (do)
  26. These clothes need ____________  immediately otherwise they will smell.(wash)
  27. Her father is said ____________ very good at cooking.  (be)
  28. Are all the students used ____________ their summer vacation in the countryside? (spend)
  29. The stairs have _____________ every day. (sweep)
  30. Up to now, the teacher _____________ our class five tests. (give)
  31. He is too old ______________ without a stick. (walk)
  32. My parents _____________ in London now. (live)
  33. They _____________ there for 20 years. (be)
  34. Hoa has ____________ as the most effective activist in his town charity. (nominate)
  35. My sister _____________ English since 2004. ( study )
  36. I wish he _____________ too much in the class. (not talk)
  37. I suggest _____________ the faucet in the bathroom.(fix)
  38. She is not old enough _____________ that book.(read)
  39. He ______________ with his friends in an apartment since last week. (live)
  40. Susan had to get used _____________ on the left when he immigrated to England.(drive)
  41. I feel as if my head ______________ on fire now, doctor. (be)
  42. Karen has her car _______________ once every six months. (service)
  43. The president ______________ Britain since 1980. (not / visit)
  44. This time yesterday I ______________ on the beach. (lie)







Present Simple



Past Simple






Present Perfect



Past Perfect




I. Match:

1. People speak English all over the world.

2. My grandfather planted that tree.

3. They will build a new school next year.

4. She has just posted a present to her mom.

5. They had prepared the machine before it was used.


a. That tree was planted by my grandfather.

b. A present has just been posted to her mom.

c. English is spoken all over the world.

d. The machine had been repaired before it was used

e. A new school will be built next year.


               1_____ 2_____ 3______ 4_____ 5______


II. Supply the correct verb tense:

1. The school gate _______________ last summer (paint)

2. Milk ______________ by the milkman everyday (deliver)     

3. A football match ______________ at the stadium tomorrow (play)

4. The car is clean. It ________________ (wash / already)

5. These books ________ on the shelf before 8:00 last night. (put)


III. Rewrite these sentences, using Passive Voice:


1. People spend a lot of money on advertising every day.

2. Someone opened the door.

3. Tom can repaired his bike.

4. They have cancelled the meeting.

5. They had made the cake before she came.

6. This library attracts many people.

7. The judge gave him 2 weeks to pay the fine.

8. The organizers will exhibit the paintings.

9. They have just received a letter.

10. They had finished the test before the bell rang.



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