Part 1: Introduce yourself (0.5 point). Your talk should include the following points:

-         What’s your name?

-         How old are you?

-         Where do you live?

-         Say something about your family

-         What are your hobbies?

-         What do you plan to do in the future?

-         To prepare for your future, what will you do?


Part 2: Choose one of the topic to talk about

1. What are the problems of the nature nowadays? What can we do to solve the problems?

2. What are sources of energy? State some advantages and disadvantages of one source of energy.

3. If you have collected something, say about your collection. Your talk should include the following points:

- What do you collect?

- How do you collect them?

- How do you classify them?

- How do you keep them?

- Why do you collect them?

- What do you plan to do with your collection?

4. Choose one of the events in the space exploration to talk about.(The first human flight into space, the first human flight to the moon etc.)

5. Talk about a wonder of the world.


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