THI THỬ ĐẠI HỌC 2014 (ĐỀ 46 - ĐỀ 50) đề thi Tiếng Anh 12

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Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH – ĐỀ SỐ 46
Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút
Choose the answer that best fits the blank in each sentence or substitutes for the underlined words or phrases.
Question 1. In fact the criminals ____in to because the front door was wide open and so they just walked in.
A. needn`t have
oken B. didn`t need
C. didn`t need to
eak D. needn`t to have
Question 2. The city li
aries present a gloomy picture of the ______who used to flock the li
aries every evening.
A. gradual reduction of readers B. gradual readers reduction
C. gradual readers of reduction D. reduction gradual readers
Question 3. I have looked through the report, but I must admit, only ________.
A. superficially B. thoroughly C. carefully D. seriously
Question 4. - “So
y, I’m late” - “_______________”
A. You are welcome B. No, I don’t mindC. All right. Well doneD. Not to wo
y. Better late than neve
Question 5. - " Who wrote this poem?" - "It`s said ________ written by one of the Bronte sisters."
A. to be B. to have been C. to being D. to having been
Question 6. After Jill had realized that the new computer was not what she really wanted, she ____ it for another one.
A. dropped B. traded C. turned down D. bought
Question 7. The new campus parking rule _____many students.
A. affects B. effect C. has an influence D. effective
Question 8. Human carelessness has been ______ damaging marine life.
A. accused of B. prevented C. said to D. warned against
Question 9. “If only I hadn’t lent him all my money!” -“_____________”
A. Well, you did, so it’s no use crying over spilt milk. B. All right. You will be OK.
C. So
y, I have no idea. D. I’m afraid you will have to do it.
Question 10. Anne was not______ to think that the test was too difficult.
A. who B. the one who C. the only one D. among the people
Question 11. The teacher always ______that the student make an outline before writing the complete essay.
A. reports B. tells C. says D. recommends
Question 12. Only if you do what you tell others______ as they are told.
A. will they do B. they will do C. they won`t do D. won`t they
Question 13. " Would you like another coffee?" - "__________________"
A. I`d love one B. Willingly C. Very kind of your part D. It`s a pleasure
Question 14. “Do you have a minute, Dr Keith?” - “______________”
A. Well. I’m not sure when B. Good, I hope so
C. Sure. What’s the problem? D. So
y, I haven’t got it here.
Question 15. He had changed so much since the last time we met that I _________him.
A. could recognize B. could hardy recognize
C. wouldn`t have recognized D. don`t recognize
Question 16. _________of transportation has given someone the idea for a new type of toy.
A. Mostly forms B. Most every form C. Almost forms D. Almost every form
Question 17. Helen is ___________ seafood, so she never tries these delicious dishes.
A. allergic to B. tired of C. keen on D. preferable to
Question 18. ___________one day by a passing car, the dog never walked proper again.
A. Having injured B. Injuring C. Injured D. To be injured
Question 19. ___________ you to be offered that job, would you have to move to another city?
A. Should B. Were C. Had D. Provided that
Question 20. If too many species ___________ out, it will upset the ecosystem.
A. disappear B. die C. go D. extinct
Question 21. A trust employee was discovered to have _______ confidential plans to a competing company.
A. stolen B. spread C. rumored D. leaked
Question 22. Poor management
ought the company to ___________of collapse.
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