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Lesson : READING
Date of preparation:
Date of teaching:
I. Objectives:
1. Educational aim: Ss should be aware of the importance of the services offered by the post office.
2. Knowledge:
a. General knowledge: At the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to: - know about the services of the post office.
- improve their reading skills (skimming, scanning, deducing, time reading…)
. Vocabulary: equip, express, transfer, notify, recipient, subscribe
3. Skills: Integrated, mainly reading
II. Methods: Integrated, mainly communicative
III. Techniques: Questions and answers, repetition, pair work, explanation, T/F statements, gap filling, multiple choices, games
IV. Teaching aids: Textbook, charts, pictures and chalks
V. Procedure:
Teacher’s activities
 Students’ activities

1. Lead-in:
- Has Ss join in a short tour to find “A secret place”.
- Has Ss watch five countries on the screen. Each country has a question related to “the secret place”. Ss have to choose A, B, C or D for the question.
By answering these questions co
ectly, Ss will have clues to guess it.
1. Where was the first postage stamp released?
A. Italy B. France C. England D. USA
This is the place where people sell and buy a necessary thing for sending a letter.
2. In what year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the first telephone?
A. 1840 B. 1870 C. 1970 D.1907
This is the place from which a person is sent to deliver newspapers and letters.
3. Where was the first postage stamp released?
A. 1840 B. 1940 C. 1804 D. 1904
This is the place where you can get money sent from your family or relative.
4. Where was the first airmail in the world?
A. China B. England C. India D. USA
This is the place you can buy a cell phone card.
5. When did De Valayer establish the postal system?
A. 1640 B. 1643 C. 1654 d. 1653
This is the place where you can make a phone call if you do not have a home telephone.
- Gives feedback and leads to topic of reading text: “We are going to read a text about postal services of Thanh Ba post office.”
2. Pre-reading:
- Asks some Ss to answer immediately the following questions:
1. How far is it from your home to the nearest post office?
2. How often do you go to the post office? What for?
3. What services do you think the post office offers?
- Gives feedback.
- Pre- teaches some new words
+ equip (v)- explanation: supply with what is needed in a company or an office.
+ express (v)- synonym: very fast
+ transfer (v)- explanation: to hand over from one person or one place to anothe
+ notify (v)- Vietnamese equivalent
+ recipient (n)- example: My friend sent me a letter. She was the sender. I received the letter, I was the recipient.
+ subscribe to newspapers or magazines (v)- explanation: a
ange to receive newspapers/ magazines regularly
Has Ss guess the meaning of these new words basing on the T’s guidelines.
Reads aloud the words and asks Ss to repeat.
3. While- reading:
- Has Ss read the passage silently within 2 minutes
*Task 1(Task 2 in textbook): Question & answe
- Asks Ss to read the text again and find the answers to the questions in textbook
Reading tips: Ss should read all the questions carefully and underline the key words, then identify the positions of these key words on the passage and answer the questions.
- Goes around and provides help if necessary.
- Asks Ss to compare the answers with their partners.
- Calls on some Ss to read aloud the answers and give evidence.
- Has Ss write answers on the board.
- Asks for peer co
- Gives feedback.
*Task 2: (Task 3 in the textbook)
- Changes some information in some sentences presented in the textbook.
- Has Ss view these changed sentences on screen.
1. You can make a phone call at Thanh Ba Post Office at 10p.m.
2. You can save money if you send a parcel which is over 15 kg.
3. The post office offers a special mail service which is particularly fast.
4. Your relatives have to wait till tomo
ow to get the money you send them today.
- Asks Ss
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