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The first term of grade 10

The 1st period
Date: 11/8
Grade 10
Theme: Guiding how to learn and to do English tests
Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:
1. Educational aim: Students know about English book in grade 10
2. Knowledge:
Student know: - How to learn English in grade 10
- How to do English tests
- How to use student’s book and workbook
3. Skill : - Reading
- Speaking
- Listening
- Writing
- Doing English tests

II. Teaching aids: Student’s book, student’s workbook, dictionary, some test papers, etc.
III. Procedure:

Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

Warm-up :(7 minutes)
- Introduce to students about the teacher
- Ask students about their names and English knowledge etc.

Guiding: 35 minutes
1. Guiding student’s book and workbook:
* Introduce to students how to use their book and workbook
* Introduce to students how to learn reading, speaking, listening, writing, language focus in their books and how to do the exercises in their books
2. Guiding English tests in grade 10:
* Introduce to students about oral tests, 15 minute tests, 45 minute tests, etc. and how to do them
* The tests in grade 10 include:
reading : 25%
listening: 25%
writing: 25%
language focus: 25%
3. Guiding other books and tape, disc, etc.

Homework: 3 minutes
- Ask students to prepare textbook, notebooks and the things for learning andprepare lesson reading - Unit 1

- Listen to the teacher
- Answer the teacher’s questions

- put the student’s book and workbook on the table

- listen to the teacher and look through the books

- Listen to the teacher

- listen to the teacher and write down the things which will be prepared at home

Unit 1 : A day in the life of...
The 2nd period
Date : 11/8
Grade 10
Theme: A day in the life of...
Unit 1
Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:
1. Educational aim: Students should know what a farmer’s day of work is and sympathize with farmers’ work everyday.
2. Knowledge:
- General knowledge: Students know about activities on a day in the life of farmers.
- Language: Sentences and expression for describing someone’s daily routines.
- New words: Words related to a farmer’s daily work.
3. Skills: Guessing meaning in context, scanning for specific information and passage comprehension.
II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative.
III. Teaching aids: Student’s book and pictures showing farmers’ daily routines, etc.
IV. Procedure:

Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

Warm-up: (5 minutes)
- Lead out the hand out and introduce how to put the name of the job on its place
1. teacher
2. doctor
3. worker
4. seller
5. farmer
- Ask students some questions
Where does a teacher work?
Where does a worker work?
Where does a farmer work?
- Let students understand more about the life of a farmer, today we learn Unit 1- part A: Reading

Before you read : (7 minutes)
- Ask students to use the suggestion in their books to work in pairs
- Ask and answer questions about your daily routine
- Listen to students and correct pronunciation and grammar if necessary

- Ask students to look at the picture in the book
Show students to know about farmers’
daily routine

While you read : (23 minutes)
- Ask students to look through the passage and read in silence
- Help students read the passage
- Explain pronunciation and meaning of new words which appear in the passage
Task 1 : (3 minutes)
- Ask students to choose the option A, B or C that best suits the meaning of the italicised words
- Let students work individual or in groups
- Help students if necessary
1C; 2C; 3A; 4A

Task 2: (4 minutes)
- Ask students to answer the following questions
- Ask students look through the passages then try to answer the questions in right way
- Let them work in pairs
- Help students if necessary
(the answers in the passage)
Task 3: (6 minutes)
- Ask students to scan the passage and make brief note about Mr Vy and Mrs Tuyet’s daily routines
- Walk round the classroom and

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