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 Period : 4 Unit 1: FRIENDSHIP
Lesson 1: Reading
I. Objectives
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Develop such reading micro-skills as scanning for specific ideas, skimming for general information, and guessing meaning in context.
- Use the information they have read to discuss the t opic.
II. Teaching aids
Textbook, handouts.
III. Language content
1.Knowledge: + Vocabulary :enthusiasm,constant
+ Grammar : past simple, past progressive…
2. Skills : devolop reading
IV.Teaching methods: p.p.p,communicative
IV. Procedure
Teacher`s activities
 Students` activities

Who is absent today?

T prepares a handout with a network of the word “Friendship”.



Sts listen and work in groups

- T divides the class into 8 groups and gives each group a handout . T asks Ss to complete the network . The winner will be the group completing the network in the shortest period of time .

Discussing the picture and poem
- T ask the whole class to look at the picture on page 12 an ask them some question :
+ What are the girls and boy doing in the picture ?
+ How do they feel ?
+ What does the picture tell you ?
- T ask Ss o work in pair to read the short poem on page 13 and answer the question : “What do you think of friend in the poem ?”
- T calls on some Ss to answer the question . T may give some comments and her suggestion : The friend in the poem is very dedicated and thoughtful . He / she is willing to help his / her friend in any circumstances .
Pre- teaching Vocabulary
Note : T should only teach the words which do not appear in Task 1 .
Lasting (adj) = lifelong (adj) : bền vững , lâu dài)
To be concerned with : quan tâm tới ai , cái gì
Constant (adj):thường xuyên, không thay đổi
Constancy (n): sự không thay đổi
Rumour (n): tin đồn
Gossip (n): chuyện tầm phào
Trust (n): sự tin tưởng
Sorrow (n): sự đau khổ
Pursuit (n): sự theo đuổi, đam mê
- If there is some time left, T may ask some Ss to make sentences with the above words to check their understanding.
Pair work and whole class
Suggested answers :
+ One boy is playing the guitar , and the other girls and boys are singing .
+ They sem very happy because I can see their smile .
+ The picture tells me that friends can happily do many things together . / Friedship is a nice thing that brings hppiness to us .



Setting the scene
You are going to read a passage about the qualities of a long lasting friendship. While you are reading, do the tasks in the textbook.
Task 1
Instruction: Fill each blank with one of the words in the box.
- T writes these words on the board:Acquaintance, incapable of, mutual, unselfish, give and take, friend, loyal to, suspicious
- Then T instructs Ss to read the passage quickly and stop at the lines that contain these words to guess their meanings (except for the word “friend” as this word is familiar with Ss)
- Ss guess the meaning of the words based on the contexts in the sentences
- T checks that Ss understand the words correctly. T can check Ss’ understanding by asking them to provide the Vietnamese equivalents to the words.
- Next, T instructs Ss to use some strategies to do Task 1:
- T asks Ss to work individually to do the task
- T goes around to help Ss when necessary.
- T asks Ss to exchange their answers with other Ss.
- T asks Ss for their answers
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