Week: Date of planning: 09/ 09/ 2015
Period: 16 Date of teaching: / /
Lesson 1: Getting Started - A surprise guess
I. Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Know some vocabularies about body parts, appearance and personality.
- Know how to use Adjective, ask for help “Can you…?” and make a suggestion “Would you like…?”
- Understand the conversation
II. Language Focus:
1. Vocabulary: the lexical items related to the topic “My friends”.
2. Structures: Verbs be and have for descriptions.
The Present continuous for future.
III. Method: Communicative approach
IV. Teaching aids: Course book, CD player, picture.
V. Procedures:

-Have Ss work in groups.
- Ss look at the picture in book then answer the questions.
-Give feedback.

- Where are Phuc and Duong?
- What is Duong doing?
- What is Phuc doing?
- What are these beside them?
- Are there any ones else?

- give some new words.
- Ss listen and repeat and then copy down to their notebook.

* Vocabulary checking : R.O.R

Write the Unit title on the board “A surprise guess”. Explain the meaning of “surprise”.
- Ask Ss to guess what the picture might show or what the conversation might be about.
- Ask Ss questions about the picture.
- Ask Ss to share any recent experiences of going on a picnic.

- surprise: ngạc nhiên
- guest: khách
- picnic: buổi dã ngoại
- idea: ý kiến
- biscuit: bánh quy
- pass (v): đưa, trao
- magazine: tạp chí
Guess what the picture might show or what the conversation might be about.
- What is Phuc doing?
- What are they eating and drinking?

Share your recent experiences of going on a picnic.

- Play the recording (twice)
- Ask Ss to read the conversation and check their answers. Confirm the correct answers.
- Ask Ss to put a suitable word in each blank.

- Tell Ss to refer back to the conversation to find the phrases. Practice saying them together.
- Ask Ss to pay attention to intonation when asking questions.
- Ask Ss to role-play the short conversation before demonstrating for the class.
- Encourage Ss to extend the conversation.

- Demonstrate the game to the class first.
- Ask Ss to play in pairs. Monitor for any errors in stress or intonation and discuss after Ss have finished playing the game.

- Have Ss practice the Adjectives.
- Ask Ss to write the correct adjectives in the gaps. Tell Ss they will only need 5 of the 10 adjectives to complete this activity.
- Play the recording to allow Ss to check their answers.
- Tell Ss look back at 3. Ask what word comes after the name. Make some more sentences about the class and write tem on the board. Underline the forms of “be”.
- Ask Ss to complete the sentences.
1. Listen and read
a. Put a suitable word in each blank.
1. picnic 2. Likes
3. friendly 4. Mai and Chau
5. glasses; long black hair
6. working on their school project.
b. Polite requests and suggestions. Put the words in the correct order.
Making and responding to a request:
1. Can you pass the biscuits for me, please?
2. Yes, sure.
Making and responding to a suggestion:
1. Would you like to sit down?
2. Oh, sorry. We can’t.

2. Game: Lucky numbers
1. pass the pen
2. play outside
3. move the chair
4. listen to music
5. turn on the lights.
6. have a picnic.

Adjectives for personality
3. Choose the adjectives in the box to complete the sentences.
1.create 2. Kind
3. confident 4. Talkative
5. clever

4. Complete the sentences
1. am 2. Is 3. Isn’t
4. aren’t 5. Is 6. Are

- Ask Ss to look
nguon VI OLET