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  Who    carry    coins     might       need     to      located   less       no    travel


Nowadays , you don’t be at home or at the office to use the telephone anymore . Mobile phones have .........................wires. You can in your pocket or keep one in your pocket or keep one in your car . A call from a mobile phone ........................along radio waves to stations different places . From there , the radio signal is connected ...............the regular phone system . With a mobile phone , any one .......................can drive and talk can also drive and phone . This means...................wasted time : you don’t have to look for a phone booth or use make a call . So remember , next time you are at the beach or riding your bicycle , there a call for you



Do you have any close friends ? I think everybody at least has one close friend in their life. And so do I . I have two close friends, Hanh and Mai . We are in the same class at the primary school , and then secondary school . We are also neighbors so we spend most of our time in learning and playing together . Hanh is a beautiful girl with big black eyes and an oval face. She is an intelligent student who is always at the top of the class. She likes reading, and she often goes to the library whenever she has free time. Mai isn’t as beautiful as Hanh but she has a lovely smile and look very healthy. Mai is very sporty. She spends most of her free time playing sports . Mai is a volleyball star of our school. She is also very sociable and has a good sense of humor . Her jokes always make us laugh . I love both of my friends and I always hope our friendship will never die

1/ Does the author have any close friends?

2/ What does Hanh look like?

3/What does she do in her free time ?

4/Is Mai more beautiful than Hanh ?

5/ What is Mai’s hobby ?

6/Which sport does Mai play in the school team ?

7/ What is Mai like ?




Secretary( Mr Hoang ): PhuMy Limited Company . Good morning

Mr Tan   : Good morning . May I speak to Mr Quang, please?

Secretary : I’m sorry . Mr Quang is in the meeting right now. Would you like to leave a message ?

MrTan    : Yes , please . This is Mr Tan ....of National Bank...

Secretary : Mr Tan of National Bank....

Mr Tan   : Please tell him the meeting is on Monday at 9.30. And would you ask him to phone me this afternoon ? My telephone is 9 234 187

Secretary : I’ll give Mr Quang your message , Mr Tan

Mr Tan   : Thank you . Goodbye

1-     Who is calling ?

2-     Where is Mr Tan from ?

3-     Is Mr Quang in his office ? Where is he now ?

4-     Who takes the massage for Mr Quang ?

5-     What is the content of the massage ?



Thomas Edison was an inventor . He was American . He was born in 1847 and died in 1931. His most famous invention was the electric light bulb . He also established the first central power station in New York City . During his lifetime he invented over 1,300 things including the gramophone and motion pictures.

1-     Did Thomas Edison invent electric light bulb, gramophone and motion pictures ?

2-     Where was he from ?

3-     Did he die at the age of 80 ?

4-     How many things did he invent ?

5-     Who established the first central power station in New York ?




Name :              Nguyen ManhTrung              Age  : 15

Appeaarance :    tall , fat , short curly hair

Character      :     sociable , generous , humorous

Adress         :      24 Nguyen Du Street , Ho Chi Minh city

Family :              mother , father and two younger sisters

Hobbies :            swimming , reading

Friends :           Nam , Thanh , Phong

His name is......................................................................................................




1-     This / Hoa’s living room

2-     There / a rug / in front of / fireplace

3-     A dog / lying / rug

4-     On the fireplace / there / a mirror

5-     There / some pictures / wall / near mirror

6-     The television set / be / shelf / next to / lamp

7-     There / be / another lamp / near / sofa

8-     The telephone / near / this / lamp

9-     The books / be /on / sofa

10-  There / a plant / behind / sofa / television

11-   The stereo / between / sofa / television

12-   The chair / in front of / stereo


  1. The television /  be / shelf / next to / lamp
  2. There /  another lamp/ near / sofa
  3. There / pots / flowers / on / book shelf /  next / sofa
  4. Lighting fixture / above / table / beneath / lighting fixture / vase with flowers
  5. This / living room. It / not large/ but / beautiful
  6. There /  table / four chairs / middle /room
  7. To the right / table / window
  8. on / other side / table / shelf
  9. Shelf /  radio / T.V set
  10. above / table / lighting fixture / beneath / lighting fixture / vase with flowers
  11. opposite / table / wardrobe
  12. There / another pot/ flower / right corner / room
  13. wall/ between / picture / lamp /  there / clock



1-enough/ Jane/ stay/ to/ alone / old/ isn’t / at home

2-you / going / to /are/ what / do/ next weekend?

3-She / hair / black /has/ long / straight

4-in the east/ rises / sun/ the  / in the west/ sets / and

5-Table/ large/ was/ in the kitchen/ there /a / wooden/ round

6- awful/ an / what / house



1-     The teacher said to Tim, “Come into my office, please “.

2-     “ Don’t make so much noise.” their mother said to them

3-     “Show me your driver license , please .“The traffic policeman said to me

4-     “ Could you give me a hand, please ?”Mrs Jackson said to Tim

5-     “ Don’t swim out too far , boys .” The lifeguard said

6-     Nam said to the taxi driver , “ Please turn left at the first traffic light.”

7-     “ Go straight upstairs and get into bed. “ She said to her son

8-     The police man said to Nam, “ Don’t touch anything to the room .”

9-     Mary said to Jim , “ Can you carry my suitcase please ?”

10-“You should stay in  bed for a few days. “The doctor said to my friend

11-“You should take these medicines every four hours.” The doctor said to him .

12- “You ought to keep your body warm.” The doctor said to the patients

13- “ You shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke .” The doctor said to her

14- “ You should take a little hot milk before sleeping .“ The doctor said to me

15- “ You ought not to eat fatty food .” The doctor said to my father




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Tran Le Truong Van


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