Teacher: Phạm Huyền Trang – D2016A

GRADE: 4th grade


ACTIVITY: storytelling

MATERIALS: short stories, pictures


-         Based as told by the teacher and illustrator, students recounted the whole story “The beggar” clearly and fully.

-         Students understand the main contents and meaning of the series.

-         Forging skills of confidence, teamwork, presentation reviews.

-         Fostering love, help those who have difficulty and favorites literature.





I.On the organization (2 minutes)

- Let students view photos and ask: “What is this?”

- Teacher: “Now, we have a life of comfort, while many people must live poorly and difficult. They don’t have a house to comeback so they must stay at cold weather, miserable life. Even if they become a beggar to have money. To understand their sufferings, we tell the story: The beggar

- Answer: This picture draw a person who is the beggar

- Listen

II. New lesson (25 minutes)

2.1 Pre - telling activites

2.2 While – telling activities









- Show the picture for class and told the whole story.

- Guide students to tell each part of the story with pictures and questions:

Picture 1:

+ Where did they meet?

+ What does the beggar like?






- Listen

- Answer:




+ They met on the street   

+ He is bloodshot, tearful eyes, blue lips, coarse rags, festering wounds
































2.3 After – telling activities

+ What did the beggar do?



Picture 2:

+ What did the man do?





+ Did the man find something in his pocket?

Picture 3:

+ How did the man feeling after find nothing in his pocket?

+ What did this man do after?




Picture 4:

+ What is the attitude of the beggar to the man?




+ What did the beggar say with this man?


+ How did this man feel?



- Demand students work in group with 3 character: the man, the beggar, the teller and practise playing the whole story.

- Invite a group to play the story in front of whole class.

- Ask student to comment on play the story

- Give comments for the group playing the story.

*Tell the meaning of the story

- What is the meaning of the story?




+ He held out to the boy a red, swollen, filthy hand. He groaned, he mumbled of help


+ He began feeling in all his pockets…. No purse, no watch, not even a handkerchief…. he had taken nothing with him.

+ No



+ Confused, abashed


+ He warmly clasped the filthy, shaking hand: “Don't be angry, brother; I have nothing, brother.”


+ The beggar stared at me with his bloodshot eyes; his blue lips smiled; and
he in his turn gripped my chilly fingers.

+He mumbled; “thanks for this, too. That is a gift too, brother.”

+ He feel like he too had received a gift from my brother

- Practise in group of 3




- A group play the whole story.

- Give comments


- Listen



- Answer: We should love and help each other, special with the person who come up against serious difculties.


- Give comments

- Listen

III Consolidate

- Repeat meaning of this story.

- Comment about lesson, mentioned in dispatches abullient student.

- Recommend some story about love.

- Repeat

- Listen