Teacher: Phạm Huyền Trang – D2016A

GRADE: 3rd grade

TIME: 40 minutes

ACTIVITY: storytelling

MATERIALS: short stories, pictures…


-         Students will recounted the whole story The story of a mother clearly and fully.

-         Students will understand the main contents and meaning of the series.

-         Students will be able to develop their listening abilities and understanding skill.





I. New lesson

  1. Pre - telling activites
  2. While - telling activities

















- Introduce a new story: The Story of a Mother

- Tell the whole story with part of picture

- Ask some questions with pictures:

Picture 1

+ What is the mother doing?

+ What happened to her little child?

Picture 2

+ Who did the mother meet?

+ What did Night ask for?



Picture 3

+ What did the mother see?

+ What did the mother do to get directions?


- Listen


- Listen





+ The mother is sitting by her little child

+ Death took the child away.


+ The mother met Night.

+ Night said: “You must sing to me all the songs that you have sung to your child.”


+ She saw a thorn-bush.

+ She pressed the bramble to her bosom quite close.
























  1. After – telling activities


Picture 4

+ Where did the mother go?


+ What did a mother do to get directions?


Picture 5

+ Where did the lake bring the mother?

+ What did an old gray-haired woman say?


Picture 6:

+ What did the mother do when she met Death?


+ How did Death prevent the mother from tearing up the flowers?

- Ask some students to tell part of story with picture

- Ask student work in group 6 members to play the whole story.

- Invite a group to play the story in front of whole class.

- Ask student to comment on play the story

- Give comments for the group

*Tell the meaning of the story

- What is the meaning of the story?

- Give comment


+ She went to a great lake.


+ She wept, her eyes fell into the depths of the lake, and became two costly pearls.


+ A wonderful building many miles in length.

+ The old woman said: “You can give me your long black hair.


+ She asked for her child back, or else she would tear up Death’s flowers.

+ Death said: “Would you make another mother as unhappy as yourself?”

- Tell part of story


- Teamwork



- A group play the whole story.

- Give comments


- Listen




- Answer: The great sacrifice of mother.

- Listen


II. Consolidate

- Repeat meaning of this story.

-         Listen


- Ask students draw a picture about their mother, then give it for their mother

- Comment about lesson, mentioned in dispatches abullient student.