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60 Unit12: Our Toys.
Planning :march 5 Lesson 1: Section A1,2,3
A. Objectives:
Ss can talk about the toys that their friends have.
She/ He has_________. .
II.Skills: 4 skills
B. TEACHING Procedures:
I.Settlement: Greeting
-Check attendance.
II. Warmer:
+Game: Networks.

-Ask ss to think of words of toys in Vietnamese and write it down. Those who have the most right words win the game.
III. New lesson:
Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

1.Vocabulary: (pictures)
has(v): có doll(n): con búp bê ball(n): quả bóng
robot(n): con rô-bốt ship(n): chiếc tàu thủy
-Checking vocabulary: Slap the board
2. Presentation dialogue(A.1).
+Set the scene: Nam and Alan are talking about the new dolls that Nam’s sister has.
-Model the dialogue. Ask ss to practice in pair.
-Call two pairs to practice in front of class.
+Model sentences: Elicit the exchange from the ss by asking them.
T: How does Nam talk about the new dolls his sister has?
+Present the structure:
+Picture cue drill A.2:
-Give ss cues and ask them to practice in pair, call good ss as model.
Ex: 1. Alan has five balls.
2. Mai has three dolls.
a. Nam/ three robots b. Li Li/ three ships
Furthe practice
+Groupwork: Ask ss to ask and answer about toys that their friends have in group. Sts put their own things on the table and practice.

whole class

whole class
ss practice in pair

Ss answer

-S: My sister has two new dolls.

Pair work

whole class

-S1: Hoa has two robots/ Phong has three balls/ Nga has one ship.
-S2: Lan has two ships./ Na has three pens./ Hong has four books…

+Recall the vocabulary and the structure.
-Ask ss to learn the new words and the structure by heart, and do exe.
61 Unit12: Our Toys.
Planning :march 5 Lesson 2: Section A4-7
A. Objectives:
Sts listen and understand toys other people have, sts can pronounce /s, sh / letters
*She/ He has________.
II.Skills: listen
B. TEACHING Procedures:
I.Settlement: Greeting
-Check attendance.
II. Warmer: +Game: Ask ss to play the”Apple Pass” game in group.
St1(show a thing): I have a doll.
St2: She has a doll. I have two robots.
St3: He has two robots. I have four balls.
St4: He has four balls. I have…
III. New lesson:

-Checking vocabulary. Slap the board.

2. Checking prediction A.4:
-Ask ss to look at A.4 dicuss in pair and guess the toys they have.
a. Mai____, b. Li Li____, c. Nam_____,d. Alan_____
1. Listen and check A.4:
+Set the scene:
You’re going to hear four friends saying the toys they have. Listen and check the correct toys.
Answers: a. Mai: two robots b. Li Li: a doll
c. Nam: five balls d. Alan: three ships
2. Listen and practice (A.5): Ask ss to listen and practice pronouncing the words.
balls pets she
dolls robots ship
1.Writing A.5: Ask ss to complete the sentences. Then read it aloud.
a. I have______________.
b. She has____________.
c. He has_____________.
2.Game A.7: Ask ss to play the ” Kim’s Game ” game.
-T shows numbers of things, ss observe them in two minutes. Then T puts them away, ss try to remember them and write them down in group. Those who have the most right words win the game.

T-whole class

whole class

Ss look at A.4 dicuss in pair and guess the toys they have.

-whole class
-Listen and check the correct toys

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